Yoga master Swami Satchidananda described the system of Yoga he taught as essentially…


Beneath your whirling thoughts Asset 6and shifting emotions... can find an
peace and quiet joy

You can’t get peace and happiness by doing or acquiring something...

...Or changing or becoming something different on the outside.

The simple truth is: You don’t need to DO anything to be happy... ARE happiness itself

cartoon of 3 happy babies and a happy puppy

You may have temporarily lost the connection to your peace & happiness…

…But that inner peace is who you really are !

But just like tossing a stone into a still lake causes ripples, Ripples in the mind cause us to lose sight of who we really are

Ripples come from chasing after things we think will make us happy

Undoism stops the ripples by calming and cleaning body and mind

Undoism doesn’t mean undoing all you enjoy in life…

just learning how to not get tossed around by becoming a good surfer

Over the centuries, the great masters have given us Yoga practices to
help see the true Self
more clearly

Not to be confused with selfie yoga!

Undoism helps you uncover and discover the human Being underneath the human doing
and the real source of

lasting peace and joy

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